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Which browser do you use?

2009 August 27
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Robert Vamosi at Windows Secrets today posted a very helpful (and concise) rundown of things you can do to keep your computing environment safe in the face the continuous threats from internet attacks.  Among the recommendations are to choose a security suite that does not overburden your system, but provides up-to-date protection, choosing the best way to keep your Windows environment up-to-date, and choosing the most secure browser.  I want to expand on this last topic.

In my experience, most small business users rely on Internet Explorer as their browser of choice.  And they often use an older version of IE, leaving them even more vulnerable to attack.  It may surprise you to know that security experts have long recommended alternatives such as Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Google’s Chrome, all of which have fewer security vulnerabilities.  The annoying part of this is that some websites are written so that they will only work with IE.  This means you really should have two browsers on your desktop, IE to use only when you really need it and one of the other three for normal use.  One real benefit of the alternate browser choices is they have a MUCH cleaner user interfaces.  This means you get more screen space to view the website you want to see with less of the clutter I see with most IE installations.  (Many IE interfaces I see use up 30-40% of the space on the computer screen with Google bars, Yahoo tools, security add-ons or whatever…annoying.)

Finally, keep your browser up-to-date.  Upgrade from IE 5 or 6 to IE 7 today.  Firefox and Safari will automatically tell you when there is a new update.  For Chrome, you need to manually check for updates.